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चैनल का पता: @quotex
श्रेणियाँ: क्रिप्टोकरेंसी
भाषा: हिंदी
ग्राहकों: 340.52K
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Unofficial Quotex channel.
⏺This channel is a channel for making money on the QUOTEX platform! @quotex_profit
⏺Our channel is a great opportunity to make profit by trading with 80% accuracy. @quotex_profit
⏺We wish you and us good trading @quotex_profit

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2023-12-09 14:27:56 ​​ My first trade closed in profit very strangely, I thought it would be a failure.

Today is a rather difficult day, although there is a lot of profit in the VIP chat, people send reviews and are happy.

I am currently accepting new traders.
24.1K views11:27
ओपन / कमेंट
2023-12-09 14:26:10
22.0K views11:26
ओपन / कमेंट
2023-12-09 10:51:24
The main thing is that you appreciate and see my efforts. Nothing else matters!

Reviews from VIP chat!
19.4K views07:51
ओपन / कमेंट
2023-12-09 08:30:00 ​​ This is no joke, every day up to 3 deals in the @Quotex channel

But regardless of whether it’s a day off or not, we trade.

We trade in the VIP chat, there are a lot of deals today in the VIP chat.

Without further ado, I just prove everything in practice.
17.3K views05:30
ओपन / कमेंट
2023-12-09 06:31:19 Join the VIP channel. Make profit together.
18.9K views03:31
ओपन / कमेंट
2023-12-06 14:09:50 ​​ Less unnecessary words, more profit.

Do you want to continue trading? Write to us!
15.8K views11:09
ओपन / कमेंट
2023-12-06 09:00:07 ​​ ️️️️️ ️️️️️Channels where people just like to talk idle talk are not my thing!

I want to show you by doing, make a profit of over $900 today in a VIP chat, you won’t be assured that everything will be perfect.

There are already over 1100 people with me, every day more than 500 people write to us to get into the VIP chat.

Want? Write to me and wait for an answer!
12.8K views06:00
ओपन / कमेंट
2023-12-05 12:41:26 ​​ ️️️️️ ️️️️️My job is to make the life of my traders at least a little easier with the @Quotex platform

I trade every day in the
@Quotex channel in the VIP chat, 20 trades every day.

Any opinion is important to me, I vote, I give deals openly without fear of opinions) If you want to join, write now, I will answer you when I finish answering others! Over 100 people ask me to join every hour!
23.7K views09:41
ओपन / कमेंट
2023-12-05 12:36:19
16.5K views09:36
ओपन / कमेंट
2023-12-03 16:18:59
I don’t have time to answer everyone, friends, now I’ll start answering as quickly as possible, I know that you are waiting for your chance to join the VIP chat, just write to us and wait until I answer you!
18.9K views13:18
ओपन / कमेंट